Personal Training

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30 min

Shorter session lengths allow efficient workouts for the time-poor individual, or alternatively are ideal for technique demonstrations. Sessions may include warm up and 2-3 resistance exercises. 


45 min

Our most popular session length.
Allows enough time to incorporate warm up / activation and 5-6 resistance exercises (or HIT-style exercises). Sessions will vary based of client needs and goals.


60 min

Longer sessions allow greater time for demonstration & technique cues for novices, whilst providing an extended session length option for more advanced athletes.
Can include all activation / resistance / HIT.




30 min - Massage

Total Rehab Appointment

60 min - Massage

Shorter massage treatments do not have the capability to cover a full-body treatment. Generally clients can either select upper or lower body, or alternatively dedicate the entire appointment to a specific concern that needs to be addressed.

Longer massage appointments can provide much greater depth of treatment. The appointment covers a full-body treatment with any additional time remaining dedicated to specific client needs or common areas of complaints.

This hour-long appointment involves a combination of massage therapy, assisted stretching and corrective exercise prescription. The time dedicated to each treatment intervention will vary on a case-by-case basis as needed.

Massage & Rehabilitation

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Nutrition Coaching

Available Now - Online / In Person


45 min 7-Day Review

When booking in for a review appointment, it's required that you bring a bare minimum of 3-7 days food recording with you. Whilst general recommendations can be provided you would benefit more from the individualised suggestions based of your current habits.


30 min / x9 Appointments

This is essentially the "nutrition-only" version of the 6CO Premium package. Provided with your very own Metabolic Precision manual & cook bible with amazing recipes, you'll receive 9 nutrition coaching sessions over 12 weeks to help consolidate your knowledge gained

For more information on Metabolic Precision click here:

Online Training

Available Now - Online / In Person

All include lifetime subscription to app


Exercise Program Design - Online Only*

All exercise programming includes lifetime access to fitness app.
This allows 24/7 contact with your trainer, exercise video tutorials and the ability to connect to nutrition tracker apps such as MyFitnessPal.


Program Design + Exercise Demo (60min)

All exercise programming includes lifetime access to fitness app.
This option also includes a 60min program demonstration (in-person) to address any technique or program concerns.


Available Now - In Person


10 x 45min PT Sessions

Bulk purchase comes with 10% discount.

12-month expiry from date of purchase.


10 x 60min Massage Treatments

Bulk purchase comes with 10% discount.

12-month expiry from date of purchase.


3 x 45min Sessions*

Thinking about PT? Why not take advantage of this introductory offer to see if we can help!

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