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  • Matt Corbin - Founder@6CO

Confusion is just poor design, not impressive information.

I finally thought it was time to create a blog.

The reason I've decided to create this blog is because much like you, I hate over-complicating things. The problem with information today is that the fastest or simplest answers we can get our hands on are either outdated or flat out wrong.

The scientific journal articles with real information and results in them generally aren't popping up on your Facebook feeds while you catch the train to work.

After 8 years at university I've learned to simplify for myself, now I'll simplify for you.

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

- Albert Einstein

I keep a whiteboard in my study that I constantly fill with questions I want answers to, either for myself or for my clients. I'll do my best to provide life examples for each post and explain why it made the board in the first place. As I make my way through my whiteboard answering all of my own questions I'm going to share with all of you how exactly I simplify this information down into something that anybody can understand.

My goal isn't purely for you to understand something you didn't know previously, my goal is to give you the ability to teach a friend or family member something they didn't understand. So I'll get started on my whiteboard, let me know if there's anything on yours...

For those who are interested I'll always include a list of any references I may have used or consulted throughout a post but as I'm not looking to get anything published here I'll be saving my time and avoiding any in-text citations - Apologies to all university lecturers who will be disappointed with me.